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An integrated marketing agency with business development capabilities.


Let us help you develop a stronger foundation to ensure the success of your business. Through proper business development strategies, we will be able to optimize all of your future marketing efforts. We are a one stop shop for your business development and marketing needs.


About Our CEO

Alejandra Rueda is the owner and founder of Alex Rueda Marketing & Innovation, an integrated marketing and business development agency that specializes in digital marketing and personal branding. She is a pioneer of social media services in Little Village, Chicago, the largest Mexican capital of the Midwest United States.

Immigration and Entrepreneurship

As a marketing and branding investor, she has been able to help grow hundreds of small immigrant-owned businesses,  Her university studies in 2001 at ITESM Guadalajara influenced her to become even more bi-cultural and have a greater commitment to serve the needs of Mexican communities on both sides of the border. Upon her return to Chicago in 2003, she receives a certification in E-Business from DePaul University. From 2005 to 2009 she starts up her first businesses in Las Vegas in the mortgage and housekeeping industries.

Community and Leadership

In 2011, she  returns to Chicago to run as the candidate for el Consejo Consultivo del IME (CCIME) making her the youngest candidate in history, winning the Little Village precinct that had seen her grow as an entrepreneur and community leader. The IME candidacy motivated her to apply to UNO's MLI, a program that enables economic self-sufficiency of Latinos in areas that drive civic leadership and shape political discourse. She graduated in 2014 as an emerging Hispanic leader in metropolitan Chicago.

Since then, Alejandra has dedicated her knowledge and expertise in business, marketing, and online public relations, to assist not only small businesses and not for profit organizations, but also running candidates and government officials in the United States and Mexico.

Alejandra is part of the Communications Committee at the national Jalisco Immigrants Council (Consejo de Migrantes Jaliscienses - CDMJ)

Continuous Education

Alejandra is currently working on obtaining her journalism certification and completing her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing. Upon completing her Bachelors, she hopes to be admitted to law school.